I love good food and I also love a good cookbook. As sad as it sounds, I thoroughly look forward to my future kitchen when I'm older - I always imagine what it will look like with it's appliances and my stack of cookbooks.... But anyway, still a very long time to wait for that day to arrive.
The latest cookbook to add to my collection, came out only on Thursday (19th June) - I pre-ordered it a while ago and was so excited when it arrived! It's the first vegetarian cookbook I own and even though I still eat meat, I want to be able to create more vegetable based foods and adjust myself to liking a wider variety of healthier foods that will make me feel good and as well as still being able to keep me fully satisfied.
I've being flicking through this book nearly everyday since its arrival. Choosing recipes that I'd like to make whilst I'm home over the Summer, recipes that will be quick and easy to do when I start back at University in September and generally just picking super tasty things I cannot wait to try! I already know that 'A Modern Way to Eat' is going to be a cookbook I'll regularly be referring to.
I've chosen 5 personal favourites from the book that are just a select few of tasty recipes that are on offer!

I've already made this twice and I've only had the book for 4 days! It's basically fried eggs on Greek yoghurt. It may be just me, but I had never heard before of pairing them both together and it literally is the greatest taste sensation - along with all the other things Anna tells you to add to it. The perfect weekend summer breakfast in my eyes. I sat outside in my garden to eat it Sunday morning and I just felt at bliss!

I love this pizza idea because the base is made from certain vegetables, oats and nuts. You're obviously never going to beat a proper good pizza base, but this healthy alternative is just such a great idea for 'any night of the week' as the title states. Also, much needed for myself, a new and satisfying way of adding more vegetables to my diet.

I really, really, really, really love sweet potatoes and so I just love this Mexican, fun way of eating them.

Sue me for saying this, but I had never really used pestos until this year. My University housemate often bought ready made pesto and even sometimes made her own. It always smelt so good which is why I am now hooked on it. I'm yet to make my own however, but this guide in Anna's book gives me the perfect 5 step breakdown on how to make the perfect pesto. Just what I need.

I'll never say no to a brownie. I won't even hesitate over a salted caramel brownie! I already went out over the weekend to buy the ingredients to make them, but as I'm off to Glastonbury festival this week, when I return it shall be the first thing I'll want to do (well, I'll need to shower of course haha). I cannot wait to taste them!

Overall, an absolutely brilliant cookbook. So happy I made the purchase and I feel so pleased to add it to the rest of my ever growing collection of cookbooks. Well done Anna Jones!
As of tomorrow, I am off to Glastonbury Festival - so I won't be able to post for a week-ish. But I have exciting posts lined up after then so keep your eyes peeled.
And let's all pray for wellies-free weather this week!! :)

Charlotte x 
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  1. karen Taylor24 June 2014 22:01


    The cookbook looks amazing and the recipes look yummy (especially the brownies) I LOVE cooking new recipes it might be nice to see pictures ur finished dishes). I love your blog it is amazing!!

  2. What a fab cookbook, and I know exactly what you mean about imagining your perfect kitchen with stacks of cookbooks :) great blog, I have followed you with Bloglovin and if you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks!

    Camille xo.



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