COLLABORATIONS: Vika Gazinskaya + Kate Moss

Vika Gazinskaya & Other Stories Collaboration Window display - London
I have always been a fan of a good high street collaboration. When the first ever Versace collaboration hit H&M stores way back in November 2011 - I remember the website crashing and having to result in ordering the clothes I wanted via the phone, even then I was in a queue to finally speak to someone! Despite ordering a H&M Versace skirt, top and bracelet - I could count on one hand how many times I have worn them since the day the parcel arrived at my door. It was definitely a purchase that gained me the feeling of owning something so luxurious that I wouldn't normally be able to buy. (The whole idea behind all these high street collabs of course!)
When I see the Versace items hanging at the back of my wardrobe now, I cannot believe how much I really wanted them at the time, as now Versace has grown to be a brand that really is just not my cup of tea.
I thankfully can now appreciate how my knowledge of fashion has grown over the years. I've developed to love good quality, impeccably crafted and beautiful fabrication of the garments I really like and I always love to feel the texture of the fabric before I even think about trying it on.
Despite this, I will always be guilty to love at least, a decent collaboration but now I have such specific taste it's always a struggle to find something I like. 
Maison Martin Margiela for H&M was more to my taste, where I luckily managed to bag a lovely white tailored shirt. J.W Anderson for Topshop where I fed my love for all things feline and bough the cat printed T-Shirt. I even managed to get a Christopher Kane for Topshop lace dress back from when the collection landed in 2009!
The past couple of months we have seen two very interesting collaborations come to the high street. First of all, Kate Moss for Topshop. This isn't her first collaboration with the store, with her last one being only four years ago. Yet this "highly anticipated" collection finally hit stores not too long ago and if I am going to be completely honest I did not bat an eyelid at it. A very over-priced collection, with one item costing a mighty £600. Some of the items look very old-fashioned (the one-shoulder yellow chiffon mini dress) ew. When scrolling through the items, I liked one - a very plain black camisole which was scalloped satin and chiffon and so one morning I decided to order it after they restocked some of their sold out pieces. I do quite like it, it's very basic but very me and the satin and chiffon contrast works rather well and I shall look forward to wearing it over the Summer. 

Kate Moss for Topshop - Scalloped satin and chiffon camisole - £38
The second collaboration was one I really loved. Vika Gazinskaya and & Other Stories. If anything, it's the first garment I have bought in a while that has colour on it and that isn't black! The collection included beautiful dresses, shoes, shorts and trousers but I went for this T-Shirt. I love it because there is no seam for the sleeves, it is all joined up by just using two pieces - the back and front. The fabric is 100% cotton and feels super soft to touch. And of course I just could not say no to the playful sketched-looking print, as well as the price being really affordable! The window display was wonderful too (picture top of this post). & Other Stories seem more successful at making a collaboration more raw and caring.

Vika Gazinskaya T-Shirt - £29

What collaborations have you loved or loathed over the past years? Alexander Wang for H&M lands this Autumn and I'm feeling apprehensive that the brand is going to lose how much it has come over the past few years. Plus he already has a lower priced brand: T by Alexander Wang. Do you think there's ever going to come a point where collaborations just get too much? Or are more brands going to join the bandwagon?
Let me know your thoughts by commenting below :)

Charlotte x
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  1. Bianca Marie10 June 2014 14:57

    Check out my post: Photo Diary: Imbibing the Arab Culture

    Lil Miss Bianca

  2. Melissa Gatchalian10 June 2014 15:08

    Cute top! Nice blog, by the way!


  3. Eymi Adrianza13 June 2014 21:45

    Lovely pieces u bought!! i am jealous that i dont have those stores here haha
    u should do an outfit post with these gorgeous blouses

  4. Jessica Gemma13 June 2014 23:32

    LOVE that storefront and the spotted top! Darling!

    1. Jessica Gemma13 June 2014 23:32

      www.jessicagemma.com :)

  • Great post love this collaboration. I wish we had more Topshop stores in Canada.
    Blog: http://hazeleyepersonality.blogspot.ca

  • Totally jealous that you were able to shop at H&M in 2011. The online store didn't hit the US until this year.

  • I found a beautiful, heavy Missoni for Target zig-zag cardigan in a thrift shop once; it was marked down to $17! Usually I do not have any luck (or money!) to spend on collaborations though.


  • Sharon Pate16 June 2014 05:05

    I agree that sometimes the quality of these collaboration pieces don't live up to the hype. I remember checking out some pieces from the Zac Posen collaboration with Target. Needless to say, seeing the pieces in person made me realize how overpriced they were. I don't think the couture-mass merchandise retailers collaborations will end because the demand from consumers is still high. Excellent post. I would like to follow each other on Bloglovin. Please check out my blog if you want to and let me know.


  • Michelle Chew16 June 2014 05:30

    Lucky you get to find such great pieces! I'm always too late and everything is sold out. The quality is sometimes not the best on these and for the prices...they seem rather pricey for what they are sometimes. Will follow you on IG and Bloglovin...check me out too!

    M xoxo

  • Maria Sarrouh17 June 2014 21:46

    I'm really looking forward to Alexander Wang x H&M!! I know what you mean by the brand losing too much of it's identity, but I have a feeling the line will be amazing...I can't wait!

  • Cara Lilli Sivara27 June 2014 21:40

    Love this post!! Great pictures. You are a natural at writing :) looking forward to your future posts!
    Xoxo Cara


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