I was originally going to name this post 'Artificial Succulent Planting' - but that really doesn't sound the most appealing to start off a blog post. Basically, succulent means 'a plant having thick fleshy leaves or stems adapted to storing water' - so a plant similar to the cacti family.
I have recently developed a habit of changing my room around an awful lot and rearranging things. Considering my room is very small, this is not the easiest challenge but I've been inspired by browsing through tumblr and pinterest. 
For example, only the other day I took my wooden bedside table out of my room and decided to use one of my many mountains of magazines as a new 'bedside table' and put my lamp on top. Making more space for me and also because I just feel like a proud Mother when I look at my magazines... I'll post photo's of this soon but I'm still in the process of perfecting it all :)
Anyway back to the plants, I bought these lovely mini artificial succulent plants not long ago for my windowsill - as before I just had a few candles and figured I needed to replace my candles with something more summery (the candles can come back out in the Winter). They came in a set of 3, with each plant being different and sitting on a bed of pebbles and sand. 
They just look really pretty and a reasonable price of £7 from Sainsbury's! :)

Coincidently, I went to a Garden Centre with my Mom today and decided to buy a real succulent! It was only £1.99 and is called 'Haworthia Attenuata'. I'm looking forward to it growing, even if it does look so cute in its teeny pot! Also potentially buying more so I can plant them in a little group to form a mini succulent garden. I am going to hopefully try and find a glass pot similar to the artificial ones above to plant it in too.

Cacti at the Garden Centre!
There's something very therapeutic having these plants in my surroundings. Just what I need in my life right now :)

Charlotte x
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  1. I've started in the same way, with just a little succulent. Now I have a good collection of them :)
    My advice is not too care much about them and give little water only in spring, summer and early fall.
    Good luck!

  2. absolutely average17 June 2014 21:38

    Eeeeep I want these. I can't find any local ones though!


  3. COSMOPOL_BLOG17 June 2014 23:05

    Lovely plants! Could be nice to see them in a environment.

  4. thunderboxxx18 June 2014 02:08

    These plants looks so cute! I think every enviroment needs a plant, even the small ones, cause it brings a good energy. And I loooooove the Idea of using magazines as bedside tables, I'll try in my bedroom!!

  5. Kizzy Von Doll18 June 2014 09:01

    Very pretty x

  6. SakuraFujiko18 June 2014 14:06

    Those little succulent plants really do look cute. Succulent and Cacti are the only plants I have in my apartment as they are the only ones that survived ^^" (I'm really not good with flowers even though I love having them around).
    I think a little stone garden would look lovely

  7. Laura Nolan19 June 2014 20:36

    These plants are so sweet and love the glass pots! Everywhere needs a plant of some kind!
    Laura xx

  8. Dee Anjani24 June 2014 03:35

    oh wow .. this looks so godd and can't wait to try.. thanks for sharing, babe!

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