The AW14 line up, backstage at Burberry Prorsum - Photo from details.com
The biggest event in menswear fashion finally kicks off this Sunday. Every season the menswear radar seems to be growing and growing with new designers that are wanting to join the ever expanding list to show their collections in London, such as, for this season Jeremy Scott's first menswear Moschino collection has been brought into the hands of London instead of Milan! The schedule gives the whole breadth of British menswear fashion - from creative established commercial brands, to emerging talent and even Savile Row tailors. With events all across London from Saturday, there's plenty of opportunity to get involved with LCM.
I have picked a handful of designers and brands that I am really looking forward to seeing this weekend. And if you have never really dipped your feet into menswear fashion, perhaps think of this post as a useful guide of who to look out for! Even though I'm no expert on menswear, I really love to see how it has been thriving in London these past couple of years!

Lee Roach SS14 - Photo from fashion156.com
LEE ROACH - Sunday 15th June 16:00
With his signatures being 'Reduction and repetition' - Roach is a menswear designer whose aesthetic I really warm too. Simple silhouettes with added unique features, contrasting fabrics and a predominantly dark colour palette.

Christopher Shannon AW14 - Photo from boysbygirls.co.uk
CHRISTOPHER SHANNON - Sunday 15th June 18:00
If you don't know anything about Christopher Shannon. Just know that only the other day he won the inaugural BFC/GQ Designer Menswear Fund. His competitors were Richard Nicoll, Patrick Grant, Lou Dalton and Christopher Raeburn. It has earned him a grant of £150,000 and a year long mentoring scheme worth £50,000. Designers that win these types of funding always go far, so expect to start seeing more great things from the man...

J.W Anderson AW13 - Photo from fashion156.com
J.W. ANDERSON - Monday 16th June 10:00
I'm sure everyone knows who J.W. Anderson is. But there really is no other innovative British designer like himself. I always say how I love to see new ideas and techniques in garments that have rarely been seen or used before and he does precisely that. 'Breaking boundaries' in menswear - some may say. I just think he is a natural at what he does and does it completely right.

Craig Green AW14 - Photo from clientmagazine.co.uk
CRAIG GREEN - Tuesday 17th June 11:00
I remember Craig Green's AW13 mens collection being everywhere in newspapers and online. Remember the planks of wood across the face? Anyone that sends the public into being all 'well that's not fashion' gets my vote. Because of those planks of wood, the collection was publicised everywhere and everyone was talking about it. That equals a very huge success in my eyes and I've loved everything he has done each season since then!

Backstage at Burberry Prorsum AW14 - Photo from details.com 
BURBERRY PRORSUM - Tuesday 17th June 13:00
Everyone has a soft spot for Burberry. If not, I know at least that I definitely do! My favourite thing about the Burberry menswear show is that we can always expect to see huge hints about what to expect from the Womenswear show that follows in a few months. They are usually fairly similar with an obvious statement characteristic from each show, such as the personalised poncho's that were key in both the men's and women's shows for AW14. Probably my highlight show of the weekend!

Is there a specific menswear designer you love? Leave your comments below :)

Charlotte x
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  1. Felicia Audrey14 June 2014 02:07

    I don't dipped my feet into menswear fashion, but i heard a little bit about these guys you mentioned. Love how they design their personality through menswear fashion, is it adorable, manly and weird at the same time looking through their style. I don't know, i just get that feeling :p
    Anywho, great article ! Just a perfect menswear guide to me. Thankyou :)

  2. nanakinoises15 June 2014 00:35

    I dont know much about mens wear, but I find the fashion trend interesting

  3. I don't know much about mens wear, but feel like it's something I should learn more about and take inspiration from. Thinking of checking out the Burberry show now!

  4. I don't know much about mens wear, but feel like it's something I should learn more about and take inspiration from. Thinking of checking out the Burberry show now!

  5. Sharon Pate16 June 2014 05:09

    I enjoy peeking at the Menswear shows from time to time. I can never get enough of Burberry and Burberry Protsum. I just love anything they produce. I am not a huge fan of Moschino but the designs are always interesting and newsworthy. Great post.


  6. Elena Tsakiridou16 June 2014 15:16

    amazing coats! so minimalistic!
    xx Elena

  7. Katie Lockwood17 June 2014 01:00

    Hey! Just dropping by to say your blog is amazing! I love the design, layout and content! Keep them posts coming :)

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  9. Saffron Peacock17 June 2014 19:51

    Gorgeous observations! Really interesting post content! And your blog design and layout is just so perfect!

    Peacock Fashion xxx

  10. Maria Sarrouh17 June 2014 21:45

    I HAVE BEEN LOOKING for a blog that does runway reviews!! I'm going to post one myself tomorrow...
    Amazing job on this post, it was wonderful!!

  11. thunderboxxx18 June 2014 02:23

    Ooooh, I love mens fashion week season! I found menswear really interesting, sometimes even more than womenswear... It's such a shame that here in Brazil fashion weeks are unisex, I think this don't let the male fashion market grow!

  12. Femmenine NY18 June 2014 15:56

    Men's fashion is so amazing. Going back to forever, so many pieces of men's style has helped to guide women's fashion. Awesome job in pointing out some of the great designers of our time.


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