The beginning of this year, my University pals and I booked a few days away in July to Berlin - as we managed to get quite a good deal. This break came at completely the right point in my life.
I wish I could type out why I've been on a hiatus. I wish I could tell the whole world what has been happening - but I won't. It always feels like nothing (seriously) bad happens in your life then bam! About ten bad things happen all at once. All I have to say is: thank god for genuine, caring, supportive friends. I'd probably be in a ditch somewhere now without them.
Back to happier things and Berlin. I felt really excited because David Bowie (of whom I am a very big fan of), went to Berlin in 1976 for a couple of years when he realised his life was falling apart and felt like the best therapy would be to escape somewhere where he would gain anonymity, be able to explore, be inspired and to basically 'cleanse himself'. It may sound cheesy, but I used this whole 'Bowie in Berlin' era to inspire me to try and do the same whilst I was there - I may have only been there for four days but I did come home feeling a lot more content with life. If I had stayed there longer, then maybe I would have been completely heeled but alas, we can't always be like Bowie.
I can't spend an entire post detailing everything I did in Berlin - as much as I could! So I'm going to give you a run down of my favourite things that I got up to there and some lovely photo's to go with it - all took by me. So enjoy!

Oh the little things: seeing flower/plant shops. Put me in front of a flower shop with crazy displays and I could probably stand there and observe for hours. It made me very content to turn round a street corner and just see something as beautiful as this :) I wish I could have packed this shop away in my suitcase and taken it home with me.

One of many art galleries in Berlin. This was very exciting, because the 'David Bowie Is' exhibition that began in London last year (click here to see my post on it) is currently on tour around the world and what a strange coincidence that it was in Berlin whilst I was there! I found this out earlier in the year and so already had pre-booked tickets. Despite the exhibition being the same, the Bowie in Berlin section had included more especially for the one-off time of being in Berlin. I enjoyed it just as much seeing it the second time round! Oh, and the gallery had a pretty insane book shop which made me weak at the knees!

Bauhaus-Archiv Museum Für Gestaltung
I have always loved the Bauhaus art movement. I studied History of Art at A-Level, which I loved and think if I hadn't decided to have wanted to do a more creative University course, I would definitely have chosen to study History of Art at University. Being at this museum really did take me back to my A-Level years and made me reminisce: seeing how the Bauhaus school was established and finally being able to see real life Bauhaus furniture and architecture especially!

Fernsehturm Berlin
A TV tower and the tallest structure in the whole of Germany. It was crazy going up a very fast lift to the top and enjoying the views Berlin has to offer. I always find it mesmerising and slightly mental being so high up and witnessing the sights around you - truly breathtaking. It instantly threw me back to being on top of the Empire State Building and the Rockefella Centre only last year...

Eismieze Berlin
This was a very cute ice-cream parlour in Mitte run by a very friendly gentleman. I asked for a waffle cone with a scoop of mint chocolate-chip ice cream and he asked for €1!!!! Cheapest ice-cream in the world as far as I know.

The Berlin Wall
There seemed to be bits of the Berlin wall everywhere we went, but it was just so fascinating to witness it. It blows my mind that the wall didn't even come down 1989 - 4 years before I was born! It's a must to see in Berlin, yet something you just can't miss anyway.

We flew to Berlin the day after Germany won the World Cup. On the following day, by chance, we saw a lot of commotion by a train station and we went to have a look to see what was going on, then all of a sudden the World Cup bus drives through with all the players on top with the trophy! A very surreal but exciting moment and the atmosphere was just buzzing for the rest of the day - black, red and yellow was everywhere you looked.

This cafe/restaurant was in Kreuzberg. An extremely pretty part of Berlin. The best food we had were restaurants that we spent hours trying to translate the menu and asking the waiter to help us translate too. Annoying on both sides I guess but, totally worth it in the end. As for Kreuzberg, we visited this area on our last day and it was just so beautiful - here are some photo's that I took on that day:

If you have any questions about Berlin, please feel free to ask - I may not be a total expert on the place yet, but I will try my best to answer them!

Charlotte x
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  1. London Mckenzie27 July 2014 at 14:02

    Sorry to hear things have been rough lately, you're totally right about everything going wrong at once. Glad you had fun in Berlin, photos came out great :)

  2. Lesia Joukova2 August 2014 at 15:53

    What a wonderful photo-diary of the city. I still have to go there. Are there any fun places to eat you'd recommend? I'll try to memorize the Mokkabar till when I go!


  3. yann sackvillewest3 August 2014 at 17:43

    Great post & great pics! Berlin is such an incredible city! So peaceful & exciting at the same time!
    Congrats for your selection for the Links a La Mode!

    Yann & Charles

  4. Lovely phost! I am going to Berlin in a few days, so this will definetely come in hady. Thanks a lot!

  5. JustsayJulesstyle10 August 2014 at 02:07

    Great Pictures! Thanks for sharing your experience in Berlin. Felt as if I was there! :)

    Jules xo

  6. myfashionslashlife23 September 2014 at 07:10

    Yah- you were in my city. I lived in LDN for about 10 yrs by which time i found out i was merely 'existing' and not 'living' and had to make a 'Bowie Escape' to Berlin. My family home is still in LDN but i live in Berlin. V.interesting to read the reasons why Bowie came to Berlin, i did not know that...I'm happy you had friends to support you during your difficult time and you had a city like Berlin to come to! BTW i love your photos, what camera do you use?

    1. Thank you for your comment. I am glad you are living your life better in Berlin! I hope one day to spend much longer there. And thank you, friends are too precious. I used my iPhone 5S - and I edit them on an app called VSCO :-)


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